Weight Management Test

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You should take this test if you 

✔  Are having difficulty controlling your weight

✔  Don't feel rested after sleeping

✔  Experience persistent stress (than can influence weight)

✔  Feel sluggish and fatigued

✔  Want to understand how your hormones are related to your weight

✔  Have frequent sugar cravings 


Potential Symptoms

Symptoms attributed to the need for better weight management include:

  • Easy weight gain or difficulty losing weight
  • Decreases in lean muscle mass 
  • Increases in abdominal fat
  • Fatigue
  • Food or sugar cravings
  • Poor tolerance for exercise
  • Difficulty sleeping or anxiety in the evening (which can contribute to weight gain)


What we measure

Reproductive Hormones  •  Saliva

Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone

When your reproductive hormones are out of balance, they can interfere with metabolism and thyroid function, cause bloating and food cravings, increase abdominal fat, decrease lean muscle mass, and contribute to insulin resistance.


Adrenal Hormones  •  Saliva

Cortisol(4), DHEA

Maintaining an optimal balance of the two adrenal hormones, cortisol and DHEA, is essential for healthy weight management, particularly as a person ages. An imbalance in these two hormones also affects the levels of downstream reproductive hormones.


Blood Sugar Metabolish  •  Blood Spot

Insulin, HbA1c

Less than optimal blood sugar metabolism can result from being overweight, but it also contributes to additional weight gain by causing the body to store more fat and increasing food cravings, particularly for sugar. Abnormal blood sugar levels are an indicator of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, or even diabetes.


Vitamin D  •  Blood Spot

Vitamin D

A healthy vitamin D level is important to maintain normal metabolic processes. In addition to bone, muscle, and immune support, a low level of vitamin D is linked to overweight, obesity, and poor metabolic health.


Thyroid Hormones •  Blood Spot

Thyroid Hormones 

Thyroid hormones regulate the speed at which the cells in your body work – everything from how fast your heart beats to how quickly your intestines process food. An abnormal level of the hormone TSH is often the first sign of thyroid dysfunction and, left unchecked, it can contribute to problems with body weight and metabolism.



Weight Management Test (Blood Spot & Saliva Collection)

1. Test Activation 

Login to Mygenbio.com. You will send you an invitation email for you to sign up and log in for Thorne Research website. Click the ‘Activate Test’ button on top of the main homepage, and  Enter a 6-digit activation code on the back of the plastic clamshell box. To see your test result summary on Mygenbio.com’s ‘Test Result’ section, you MUST enter your ‘Test Status’ section and click the gray button to change its color to pink.  


2. Sample Collection 

You will collect your blood spot sample 4 times a day (on day 19, 20 or 21 of the menstrual cycle). You should collect your saliva sample on the same day as your blood collection.  (If you are not menstruating, you can collect samples on any day you choose. If your menstrual cycle is unpredictable or you are taking hormones, you should get informed of designated sample collection day or timing with Thorne research’s information brochure.) When collecting each sample, do not eat, drink, anything but water, or brush teeth within 2 hours of collecting the sample. Below are the guidelines for the timing of the sample collection.   

In case of blood samples, collect samples within 1 hour of waking and prior to eating. Continue collection until at least 6 circles have been filled. 

In the case of saliva samples, you should collect your samples 4 different times. (1) Within half an hour of waking (using large tube) (2) before lunch (3) just before dinner (4) just before bedtime (using final small tube)  


3. Sample Return 

Gather all your sample tubes and blood collection card, and place your samples into the plastic box in which they arrived. (Do NOT throw away the plastic box.) Apply a return label to the envelope and leave the envelope inside a mailbox or take it to any U.S. Postal Service (USPS) facility. Your shipping cost is prepaid.


What you'll discover


Your personal biomarker values are displayed on an easy-to-read dashboard with descriptions of what each biomarker value means for you.


Using your biomarkers, we provide detailed insights to help identify potential health risks or specific areas of improvement. Insights are generated using the Onegevity Health Intelligence platform.

Improvement Plan 

Based on your unique results, a comprehensive improvement plan with diet, activity, and supplement recommendations is generated.

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