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“Staying Healthy” sounds easy but doing it is NEVER EASY, Breaking unhealthy old habits and creating healthy ones can be CHALLENGING and even discouraging at times. People NEVER want to be sick, but not many people realize what to do, and what action to take in advance. There are various scientific remedies available at your fingertips, but you just don’t use them. Our mission is to be the bridge between health-related science and you.

Most life-style diseases stem from both genetic factors and a long term life-style, identifying and knowing both factors is the first step to take control of your future health Now IS THE TIME NOT TO WAIT FOR POTENTIAL DISEASES BUT TO PREVENT THEM!

What we do at MYGENBIO

Improving Health is Science

“MYGENBIO” is a platform that provides a Personalized Health Promotion Plan with various programs.

The MYGENBIO platform has been developed by industrial professionals such as MDs, Biotechnologists, Nutrient scientists and BioIT experts.


It's time NOT to wait for AGING and LIFESTYLE DISEASES

Every person is unique and cannot be treated the same way when it comes to individual health. Different people need a variety of personalized nutrients, foods, exercise, stress control and weight management, and so on. Backed by scientific research and methodology, we provide;


Personalized supplements based on member's questionnaires or DNA/Biomarker tests


Specific Biomarker and DNA test


Foods, Exercise and Lifestyle guidance and recommendations


The best scientific configurations for Youth, perimenopause, eye health, bone health, brain function, and more.

Health Guidance through DNA Test

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Plan for your future health.

You can find your own plans at MYGENBIO. 

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Hold Tight

Get the feeling of better body everyday


ResveraCel features nicotinamide riboside with a supporting cast of three complementary ingredients that support your body’s natural aging process and cellular metabolism.


Basic Nutrients 2/Day

Basic Nutrients 2/Day is a comprehensive daily supplement designed for individuals looking for nutritional support with fewer capsules.

Men's Multi 50+

Men’s Multi 50+ is a comprehensive daily multi-vitamin/mineral that provides support for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Women's Multi 50+

Women's Multi 50+ is a comprehensive daily multi-vitamin/mineral that provides support for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Kids Multi +

A dissolvable daily-multi packed with 15 science-backed nutrients for children ages 4 and up.


"It's almost Done"

Complete your bio health through DNA test

Keep Green

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It was a great experience with mygenbio


Now I know what I need for my health through Mygenbio DNA test.


DNA test result was very reliable and accurate, also summary test result was great.


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