Biological Age Health Panel

Lab visit required.* Discover the biological age of the body you’re living in.

Biological Age analyzes the impact that lifestyle, nutrition, illness, and genetics have had on your body and vital organs, such as your liver and kidneys. Your Age Score provides insights so you can make changes that will improve your overall wellness and longevity.

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You should take this test if you 

✔  Want to live healthier longer

✔  Proactively make healthy changes

✔  Have a family history of disease or disease risk

✔  Want to learn what internal organs or systems need your attention

✔  Are interested in biohacking

✔  Want more insight about your health status after a recent illness or injury


Potential Indicators

Biological Age is a detailed assessment of your body's internal age at the cellular level and helps you focus on the internal systems or organs that are aging at a faster rate.

Biological Age benefits individuals who are seeking to:

  • Enhance their longevity
  • Maximize health and wellness
  • Minimize age-related health risks
  • Track the aging process

Biological Age benefits individuals who want to optimize their internal health for:

  • Fitness or athletic performance
  • Biohacking
  • Recovery
  • Full-body health
  • Immune function

Thorne's Biological Age provides an affordable assessment of clinically relevant and research-driven personalized recommendations. A non-biased (for age, sex, demographics) scientifically-backed statistical algorithm generates your Age Score. View your blood results in a new light ‐ not just clinically healthy or unhealthy ‐ but an accurate picture of your health for someone your age.


Biomarkers Measured

Biological Age  •  Blood Panel

Biological Age

Your calculated biological age is a better predictor of your physical age than your chronological age.


Age Rate •  Blood Panel

Age Rate

Rate of aging is a measure of the pace at which your body is aging.


Blood Age •  Blood Panel

Blood Age

Important for maintaining energy, normal immune function, and optimal circulation.


Lipid Age •  Blood Panel

Lipid Age

Healthy lipid levels help maintain healthy hormone and nutrient levels.


Liver Age •  Blood Panel

Liver Age

Alcohol, fatty foods, environmental toxins, and exercise all have an impact on the health of your liver.


Kidney Age •  Blood Panel

Kidney Age

Kidney health is critical to balancing hydration, minerals, regulating blood sugar, and maintaining homeostasis.


Metabolic Age •  Blood Panel

Metabolic Age

Metabolic Age impacts your cardiometabolic health, energy metabolism, and nutrient storage capabilities.



1. Test Activation

Login to You will send you an invitation email for you to sign up and log in for Thorne Research website. Click the ‘Activate Test’ button on top of the main homepage, and  Enter a 6-digit activation code on the back of the plastic clamshell box. To see your test result summary on’s ‘Test Result’ section, you MUST enter your ‘Test Status’ section and click the gray button to change its color to pink.  After your purchase, complete your health profile. 


2. Visit a Lab Near You

Find a lab near you and schedule a blood draw. Because most tests require you to fast for 12 hours before the draw, be sure you schedule the blood test for the morning. Arrive hydrated.


 3. Receive Results and Insights

After your blood panel is received your biomarkers will be analyzed using machine learning to create the most in-depth and accurate picture of your health and wellness. Make changes that can improve your health and wellness.


What you'll discover


Your personal biomarkers are displayed on an easy-to-read dashboard with a description of what each biomarker means and what your risk factors are. Results are ready in fewer than 10 days.


Thorne's multi-omic platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an in-depth and complete profile of your biochemistry.

Improvement Plan   

By mapping and integrating your personal results, we identify actions you should take to improve and maintain your health and wellness. You also can track your performance over time to see how lifestyle changes are contributing to your health and wellness.

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