Tests and Questionnaire

Through detailed DNA and Biomarker test, MYGENBIO became the bridge between you and health care system to help to promote your health and prevent future diseases.

Test Items

DNA tests Basic total 110 items

Physical: muscle power, Stamina, Injury risk, lean body mass, etc.

Diet: carbohydrate response, snacking risk, metabolic rate, yo/yo, etc.

Vitamins:  vitamin D,A B6, B12 deficiency, calcium, selenium, sodium deficiency, etc.

Health: caffeine sensitivity, obesity risk, genetic infection risk, bone mineral deficiency, type 2 diabetes risk

Health insights: stress response to pressure, memory, sleep, testosterone and aging

Injury risk: lower back pain, bone and joint strength, knee injury, injury rehab

Immunity: immune function, vitamins benefit to immune system, PTPN22 gene

Eye health: sight degeneration with age, cataracts risk, open-angle glaucoma, etc.

Skin health: sun damage risk, likelihood f freckles, collagen breakdown, skin aging, risk of wrinkles with age, etc.

Mental health: attention span, caffeine affecting focus, memory tasks, night productivity

Heart health: irregular heart rate, high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance, cardio health

Gut health: gluten intolerance risk, gut irritability risk, gum health, stress affecting

Muscle health: coenzyme Q10 deficiency, stress related muscle pain risk, natural testosterone level

Hair loss: in progress